The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a 1998 act that provides protection for copyright holders in the event of an infringement. The DMCA prohibits circumventing technical measures used to prevent copying, such as bypassing an access control, breaking an encryption code, or hacking into a computer network.

The law was created to meet America’s obligations under two international agreements – the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, which requires that its parties provide strong copyright protections; and the World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty, which requires parties to provide protection for technological measures that control access to copyrighted works.

Faced with this legal reality, hosting offshore is the best option for avoiding sanctions.


What Is Offshore Hosting?

This way of hosting refers to hosting your website on a server located in another country, rather than your own country. The providers usually offer three main types of hosting i.e., dedicated server, VPS, and shared hosting.

All of these have their own benefits and services, the most important features they all provide are the protection of the data, better website performance, a boost in SEO rankings, and cost-effectiveness. Choose a hosting provider, check the services being provided, and select any hosting based on your interests.


Introduction to Offshore DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting

Offshore DMCA ignored VPS hosting refers to hosting your website on a server that is located in a country that does not comply with DMCA. VPS hosting is a type of offshore hosting that offers to run multiple servers by creating virtual servers, on one physical machine.

These servers are individually isolated from each other and have their own operating system, storage space, processing power, memory, etc. It has features of both dedicated servers and shared server hosting. It provides customization and control, with an allocation of the server’s shared resources. In addition, there are no restrictions on how many domain names you can host with one account.


Offshore DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting

Offshore DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting


Why Choose Offshore DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting

If you have a site that could potentially be targeted by DMCA take-down notices, even because of false complaints, then it’s better to look for offshore hosting. Offshore hosting offers a lot of benefits, including the ability to avoid DMCA take-downs.

You can also access your site from anywhere in the world without worrying about regional restrictions or censorship. Offshore DMCA ignored VPS hosting provides a virtual private server with can be configured according to your needs, at cheaper rates than a dedicated server, with better performance than a shared server. This network is best for people who run more than one business online or own more than one website.


Benefits Of Offshore DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting

Choosing offshore DMCA ignored VPS hosting has many benefits, some of them are;

  • No data loss.
  • DMCA ignored; provides freedom of speech, your website will not be shut down because of some fake copyright complaints.
  • A higher degree of customization – having a dedicated virtual server will allow you to configure your server, as per your requirements.
  • Multiple website hosting from a single account – there is no limit on the number of websites to be used from a single account.
  • Control and customize your website – full access to resources of the server and the freedom to utilize them as per need.
  • Improved website performance – offshore hosting provides services for the improvement of web performance.
  • Enhanced website security – the website being hosted from a server in a different country, increases the protection level and security.
  • Improved SEO ranking – DMCA ignored policies and website not being shut down, helps in boosting SEO rankings.
  • Cost-effectiveness – it promotes economical globalization and costs less than in-country server hosting.


Things To Consider Before Choosing An Offshore DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting Provider

With offshore DMCA ignored VPS hosting, you can get the services of a top-notch host without spending an exorbitant amount of money. There are certain things to consider while looking for the right service provider;

– Performance of other client websites of the service provider.

– Security features being provided should be the latest.

– DMCA policy must not be included in the server’s country regulations.

– Server’s website handling capacity.

– Customer support should be 24/7.

– Pricing plans of the services.

– Bandwidth being offered.



While offshore hosting may not be as popular as other hosting options, it is a great choice for those looking to avoid copyright infringement issues. With offshore DMCA ignored VPS hosting, you can upload content anonymously, which means that a third party will not be able to trace your activity.

This is perfect for businesses that are running an online store or blog but want to ensure the privacy of their customers. When it comes to offshore hosting, there are many benefits including the ability to upload content anonymously and the lack of DMCA notices that are sent out. The conclusion? Offshore hosting is one of the best ways to maintain privacy while providing your business with a safe haven from copyright infringement issues.

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