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OffshoreDedi offers high quality DMCA Ignored Hosting. We make offshore hosting simple for you to use with reliable servers and one-click installers. Your data is safe with us as it’s is kept in a high security facility in an offshore jurisdiction assuring your privacy.

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Why Choose OffshoreDedi As Offshore Host?

DMCA Ignored Hosting

Fully DMCA Ignored Hosting

Your content is 100% safe from DMCA complains. ignoring dmca complaints is our specialty since 2009 having 12500+ Clients.

best anonymous web hosting

Strongbolt Hosting

Completely privacy protected hosting with ignoring dmca complaints and fully managed services. Your all data is fully secured with us.

Offshore Host Provider

Anonymous Domain Registration

Offshorededi Offers Offshore Domains Registration. Even We Don’t Need Your Personal Details to Register The Domain.

Offshore Host

Multiple Payment Methods

Offering multiple payment options to buy out any plan with any payment method you have like credit card, PayPal, bitcoins.

Offshore Servers

Offshore Servers Hosting

Providing dmca ignored offshore servers having multiple locations like Bulgaria, Ukraine, Netherlands with complete privacy.

Best Offshore Hosting

We Value Privacy

All your credentials and personal info is Fully safe with us and privacy protected. We provide best anonymous web hosting.

We Offer Cheap Offshore Web Hosting Services

Starting At
Offshore Shared Hosting
  • SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Addon Domains
  • Emails
  • Cpanel Access
  • One Click Installer
  • DMCA Ignored Hosting
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support
Starting At
Offshore VPS Hosting
  • SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 100Mbps Uplink
  • KVM Virtualization
  • VPS Management
  • 200Gbps Layer 4 Protection
  • DMCA Ignored Hosting
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support
Starting At
Offshore Dedicated Server
  • 1Gbps Shared Uplink
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Linux / Windows
  • IPMI
  • Unlimited OS Reinstalls
  • Free Transfer
  • DMCA Ignored Hosting
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support
Starting At
Streaming Servers
  • Upto 10Gbps Uplink
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Linux / Windows
  • IPMI
  • Unlimited OS Reinstalls
  • Free Transfer
  • DMCA Ignored Hosting
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support

99.9% Network Uptime

24/7 Technical Support

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Offshore Hosting Reviews

offshorededi reviews 1
Muhammad Zubair

I am using OffshoreDedi for last 3 years. They helped me from setup to make my project progress. I am satisfied and also recommend for your DMCA Ignore Projects.

offshorededi reviews 2

I was in trouble with my previous hosting then I came across them from WHT. They helped in seamless transfer as well resolving server issues. Optimized my servers since then there is no issue and my project is progressing in leaps and bounds.

offshorededi reviews 3
Eric S Jason

Any problem you have they’ll take care, they can fix anything you throw at them. The best host i’ve been with! Good people

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Offshore Hosting?

In simplest of terms, offshore website hosting is a hosting which you get in the country or the continent which is far away from your own country.

This type of hosting is not available very easily, and we are one of the icons in this regard who are going to provide you the best web hosting without any restriction.  

It is mostly used for the content which is not allowed in the country, and this is why you get the hosting from a faraway country to make yourself secure from the government agencies. You can get many packages in this regard to satisfy your needs.

Why Choose Offshore Hosting?

This is a fundamental and Critical question. Many of the people who are uploading the websites on the Internet doesn’t have the legitimate content and due to the law of the country that content can be deleted, or you can be abducted by the law enforcement agencies.

This is the reason This hosting has been initiated to protect yourself from these agencies. You can get this hosting, and the law enforcement Agencies will not be able to detect you. The server is situated in a faraway country from your host computer.

Which Content You Can Host With Us?

For those of you who are asking this question should know that you can host any type of content without any restriction.

If you want specific, then we can tell you that you can host content related to pirated movies which many of the times gets restricted from the government.

You can host websites which have the content for the gaming, you can even host the content which might be a bit adult. You can host much other similar content and not get abducted by the law enforcement agencies. We can assure you that.

Why you need offshore hosting?

Offshore hosting has become a major trend in the web hosting business. This is the practice of hosting websites outside their home countries, typically in developing countries where the laws are lax and the information is secure. The clients are also given the option of choosing the domain name extensions that are used for their websites. This is all done to ensure that the sites are completely protected from any sort of government or law enforcement intrusion. For individuals, businesses, and other entities with sensitive information, offshore hosting providers are a good option.

What Are The Benefits of OFFSHORE WEB HOSTING?

Offshore web hosting has several benefits over web hosting in the US. First of all, as hosting offshore is far away from the US, it is likely to be even more secure than US web hosting. Hosting companies in the US are required to follow the Patriot Act and other regulations that allow government agencies to monitor and access data, but offshore companies do not have this same requirement. Also, if you run a business that requires you to maintain a high level of security and privacy, then you should seriously consider offshore anonymous hosting. So, if you want to keep your company’s data secure, offshore web hosting is a good option.

What is DMCA Ignored Hosting?

This type of hosting is very unique. This web hosting is for those people who are looking to upload content on a website which might be now allowed or copyright in the eyes of the government.  

This content can be related to piracy or similar stuff and This web hosting is going to help you out in that regard. This is very critical hosting, and we are one of the budget offshore hosting which is providing DMCA ignored hosting.

If you are looking for packages or information in this regard, then you can get them without any hesitation.

Why is there no free offshore hosting?

Due to the server and devices based in the faraway country from your host computer, this type of hosting can’t be made free.

We are taking this responsibility by giving you the hosting, so we need to take some money out of you to protect you and make sure that we are paid with justification.

Even though your hosting is not free, there are many packages which can accommodate your needs and you will not feel any burden on your pocket. You can find out about our Packages on our website, and hopefully, you will not be having this question bother you.

Which Offshore Locations Are Best For Hosting?

There are many servers available across the globe so you can get Offshore servers from any location.

But if you are looking for the best location in this regard, then the answer would be that any country which has the best speed in terms of the bandwidth will be the best location for giving you the best hosting facility.

Its also depends on for which purpose you want to use hosting and which plan you purchased of share web hosting, offshore vps, offshore dedicated server hosting or streaming servers so you will do every work without any hiccups.

That is why we have situated many offshore servers across the globe which will allow you to get hosting from good speed countries.

What is the Difference Between Onshore and Offshore Hosting?

Offshore hosting is more affordable than onshore hosting, and it is also easier to access. The main reason why people choose offshore website hosting is because it is considered to be secure. This is because it is usually hosted in a country that has strict data protection laws. So, if you are looking for a good hosting solution that is affordable and secure, then you should consider offshore web-hosting.

Why is offshore hosting better than others?

It is cheaper than other hosting solutions. It is faster than other hosting solutions. It is more reliable than other hosting solutions. It is much more flexible than other hosting solutions. It is easier to upgrade than other hosting solutions. It is much more feature rich than other hosting solutions. It is more secure than other hosting solutions.