The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, also known as DCMA, is a set of laws made to discourage the copying and sharing of copyrighted material over digital mediums such as the Internet. These laws apply to all media, including music, movies, and books, in addition to video games and software.

If you are running a business that deals with copyrighted materials, it’s essential that you have an understanding of DCMA and know how to comply with it—without falling foul of the law. Plus the problems that come with it, and when or how to choose DCMA ignored dedicated server hosting!


Role of DCMA

With the emerging world, the competition to rise is also increasing, and with all the systems being online, it has become easy for a competitor to report and shut down a website rather than opting for Search Engine Optimization, marketing, and quality assurance.

Every day, thousands of complaints of abuse are reported to hosting providers around the world. It is not always easy to distinguish between complaints that describe real illegal activities and complaints that are simply exploiting hosting companies that don’t have the backbone to stand up for their customers.

The service providers follow the ‘Shut it first, and investigate later’ technique, even if the website is not violating DCMA, it gets shut down.

That is why the concept of DMCA ignored hosting comes up, to give peace of mind to those who wish to host legal or copyrighted content but are forced to remove it by their hosting provider, because someone, somewhere in the world – sends an online complaint.


The Concept of DCMA Ignored Hosting

The DCMA can only be ignored by the hosting provider and it is not possible to ignore DCMA, because of the legal regulation of a country. Opting to run a website on an illegal platform, (or platform that is facilitating you in illegal rules) is a risk to the security of the website. However, it is feasible in only one way i.e, offshore hosting.

Offshore hosting allows you to host your website from a server located in another country, it not protects the website by providing high-level security but it can also ignore DCMA. There are many countries that do not have DCMA. For example, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Netherlands, Malaysia, etc.

Offshore hosting has three types;

– Dedicated server hosting

– Shared hosting

– VPS hosting

* Dedicated server hosting – is hosting that provides a dedicated server to your website. It is for websites that have heavy traffic and sensitive information.

* Shared hosting – in which the resources of the server are shared equally with more than one user. It is highly cost-effective, and suitable for websites that have fewer requirements and traffic.

* VPS hosting – is a mix of shared hosting and dedicated hosting, one server is divided into more than one virtual server. It is more efficient than shared hosting and costs less than a dedicated offshore host.



DCMA Ignored Dedicated Server Hosting

DCMA Ignored Dedicated Server Hosting

DCMA Ignored Dedicated Server

DCMA ignored dedicated server hosting refers to hosting a website, on a dedicated server that does not follow DCMA regulations. The only legal way of DCMA ignored hosting is taking services from an offshore hosting provider.

And main advantage of it is dedicated resources that allows you to configure them according to your requirements with high security, privacy, freedom of speech, and content of your choice without worrying about false complains.


Benefits Of DCMA Ignored Dedicated Server Hosting

Some of the benefits of DCMA ignored Dedicated server hosting are

– Enhanced and updated security features with the latest technology.

– Having a dedicated server for the website will keep it running smoothly and speedily.

– It can easily handle massive web traffic.

– DCMA ignored hosting will give your content freedom of speech that could have been banned through some DCMA policies.

– Protection from unjustified attacks.

– Help your business/website grow without worrying about it being shut down by the provider.


How To Decide Which Is The Best Provider 

Here are some of the factors that you should consider before choosing a company that offers DCMA ignored dedicated server hosting;

– The services are being offered by the service provider.

– The privacy and protection features offered by the service provider.

– The payment methods, must be having multiple payment methods.

– The location of the server; the hosting must be in a country that does not conform with DMCA.

– The stats of other websites that are being hosted by the company.

OffshoreDedi while providing quality services to their clients, keeps in mind that all the data is fully secured and protected from any kind of hacking attempt or malware.

And to maintain the uptime to 99.98% of all time, and if any new or existing client has any type of question or problem regarding pre-sales or post-sales, the team should be solving it ASAP so that the business of our respected clients never goes offline.

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