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cPanel & WHM Installation on CentOS 7.x 64 bit [Complete Guide]

cPanel & WHM Installation on CentOS 7.x 64 bit cPanel / WHM is one of the most used Management panel for Linux servers. Most of the website owners who don’t want to learn extensive Linux skills for just running their sites move to cPanel as it is easy to use with better graphical user interface. […]

How To Update Node And Npm To Latest Version

 Node.js, similarly to a lot of other non-proprietary software, is a project which is moving swiftly. Every few weeks trivial updates would come out to enhance security and stability including all the version branches. Due to the abundance of procedures to update the Node on each and every operating system, leave you with no excuses […]

What is Offshore WordPress Hosting?

You can use offshore WordPress hosting to host things which are banned in your country. Here is example that some web sites  are banned in your country and other countries like Asian countries in this way if you are a native of Asia you have only one option to host you website and content which […]