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What is DMCA ignored Hosting?

Hosting company which provide a DMCA ignored hosting’s package or / and policy will include the provision that it will ignore the majority of DMCA laws. This means that when you are pirating games, stuff, music movies or software and get apprehended, a C&D letter will be filled out by the petitioner to the host […]

Offshore VPS Hosting Complete Guide 2019

Offshore VPS hosting poses to be a combination of the cost-effectiveness such as shared hosting, but having the privacy, security and control of the dedicated server. A VPS is one physical server which is divided into numerous virtual servers which offer a guaranteed RAM & CPU. With offshore hosting your applications and websites are accommodated in […]

Why Offshore Dedicated Server? Beginners Guide

There are different options available when it comes to hosting data, your website or application. So what is offshore dedicated? When you are looking at this type of hosting, it actually means that these kind of dedicated servers give you complete freedom when it comes to managing your server! Offshore hosting using a dedicated server means hosting […]