Private domain registration means that you get to show your limited but contactable information to the public so the interested parties can get in contact with you while your personal information remains hidden.

When you register your domain privately, your sensitive information is kept under control through WHOIS and it allows different parties to contact you through email of your domain only.

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Also, they check the received emails for spams and filter such emails which might cause you any leakage of information which is being protected by WHOIS.

Now you must be wondering what WHOIS is. It is actually the head of all servers and domains which contain sensitive information, and they keep a regular check on it.

According to the latest news and information, WHOIS has issued a statement through which your personal information like contact email and number and name will be shown to the interested parties, and they will be able to contact you with much more freeness while keeping your integrity of privacy intact.

Private domain registration protects you against stalkers, harassers, spammers, tele markers and of course identity thieves. Also, through private domain registration, your domain name registration remains protected which contain your sensitive and important information.

How much does a domain name cost per year?

It is normally assumed that a domain name cost a huge amount per year, but this is not true. False rumors have been circulating but don’t worry. I will tell you the real cost. According to the reports, the fee you pay for the name registration is annual.

You will keep the name of the domain as long as you keep paying per year. The cost per year is $10 – $15; this is the normal cost per registrars.

This very less than what we usually hear, and it is quite less to honest as you have to pay just once every year and you can keep doing this as long as you want to keep the name of your domain unchanged.


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