Choosing between managed or unmanaged hosting can be a tough choice for some. Hosting is an essential part of any website’s success, but oftentimes people are confused about which is better. This blog will look at the two and the differences between them and let you decide the best one for you.

What is the difference between managed and unmanaged hosting?

The major difference between managed and unmanaged hosting is that with managed hosting services, all the major aspects of the hosting service such as installing the Operating System, configuring different server softwares, managing the server, and customer support is handled by the offshore hosting service provider, whereas with unmanaged hosting, the client has to undertake these tasks independently.

When to choose unmanaged hosting?

Unmanaged hosting is a package of services that does not include technical support for the end user. If you are a webmaster or a web designer, who is looking to build web sites for your clients without the need of a solid technical support, then this type of hosting is a perfect choice for you. With unmanaged hosting, you would be having access to a shared web server, a pre-installed web application and full root access to the server.  Unmanaged hosting is a perfect choice for those who want to work independently and need full control over the server.

When to choose managed hosting?

Managed hosting, by contrast, is much more expensive, but in exchange for this extra cost, you will get the support you need in order to get the most out of the technology. A good managed hosting provider will offer 24/7 support, installation assistance, security updates, backups, and so much more. This is the way to go if you are unsure of whether or not you are able to oversee the hosting of your website without any assistance.


We hope this post was able to shed some light on the subject of managed vs unmanaged hosting. Whether or not managed hosting is right for you depends on your needs, but it’s always good to be informed.

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