When we have purchased the domain name, all we need now is the direction towards a host which can be your website so that the domain can get attached to it. This is a very common question that anyone who purchases’s a domain asks for anyone related.


The answer lies simply within the question. First, you need to have a web hosting package, and then you also got the name of the domain then what you would need is the connection between the two so that the domain can work properly.

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How to redirect a domain:

When we wish to point the domain to host, we mean the following points. If you do as it is explained then hopefully you will experience nothing wrong or face any difficulty but in case you don’t, then you much contact someone who understands the language of websites and internet. The main points are as under;

  • Find the web host’s DNS setting, which would usually look like You must also remember that these settings and name would have been received by you via emails. These emails were sent to you when you first signed up for hosting.
  • You must now add the name of the server to your domain. All you have to do is to go into the settings of DNS and under the label of custom name servers. Mostly the names are as DNS settings or Domain Name server setup.
  • When all the details have been filled, and changes have been made, you will have to wait for at least 48 – 72 hours for the change to get updated.

How to point a domain to another domain:

When we say to point a domain, we usually mean that we need to direct or redirect a domain towards any direction that we wish.

Here we are looking at options in which we point a domain towards another domain. Following are the simplest steps through which you can easily direct a domain towards another domain.

  • You have to go to the manage Domain page where you will see a button which has Add Host into a Domain/Sub-Domain.
  • Click on the button which will lead you to redirect section.
  • When the redirect page opens, you will see that two options will show which have the following fields – Domain to redirect and Redirect to URL.
  • You fill the required fields and send the button to redirect this domain, and your work here is done.

This is the only simplest ways to redirect any domain to another domain. If you follow the above steps and carefully fill the required information, then I am sure that you will be able to do the task without any difficulty. Just remember that redirecting requires a little bit of knowledge.

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