Want to check to web hosting provider of your site or any other domain? You can do in just a few minutes

Here you will know that How To Find The Web Host of a website. If you don’t have a web hosting, you can check out the best offshore hosting.

There are many lookup tools provides on the internet which can give you interesting information about the site, like Hosting details, it can Offline or Online availability checker, Google page rank, Alexa rank,  load time of site, Domain age, Domain IP blacklist checker, Social stats checker, SEO reports, with WHOIS info and many more.

How You Can Evaluate Web Hosting?


By Uptime

The website uptime guarantee is must by hosting provider because you can’t afford to disappoint your users by just get them your website down which you have engaged hardly.

Hosting Speed

Web Hosting speed is the most important factor of any web hosting provider. Faster websites get more visitors and conversions

Technical Support

Without technical support by your hosting provider, you will face many hurdles because in the process of management of your website you can face any unknown issue that only can be fixed by support.

Packages Price

price of hosting always matters like you must have to know that in certain pricing which special features they have to provide you.

How You Can Identify Your Domain Hosting?


What is a domain hosting?

The domain hosting is the web/internet hosting service provider that stores the data you need to update. The DNS records will control where you have to receive your email, your website URLs, and management for your domain.

You always need to change your DNS records to set up. You can change records of your domain hosting provider.

If changing records is difficult for you, you can get help step by step to make it happen.

Find your domain host

Finding domain hosting is very easy just go to the whois lookup page by ICANN, which is a non-profit organization that stores all domains information. (You can do by searching online for “whois free” to find a tool that provides free lookups.)
Just enter any domain in the search box and click button named Lookup.

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