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Experience high-speed, top-notch security, and reliable offshore hosting at an unbeatable price. Enjoy superior security & scalability with OffshoreDedi!

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Advantages of Offshore Hosting

 • High levels of privacy for websites and business owners to keep their data and identity safe with our offshore dedicated servers

 • Enhanced protection from data-regulating agencies as it offers DMCA ignored hosting

• No risk of censorship or intervention from the government for sites hosted on offshore servers
• Less expensive compared to alternatives for local hosting solutions


OffshoreDedi Hosting Plans

OffshoreDedi offers the perfect balance of reliability, safety, and cost-effectiveness. We understand that your company needs a reliable and strong solution, which is why we provide our top-tier offshore servers with numerous layers of security.

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Dedicated Server



Streaming Server


What Makes Us So Different

With OffshoreDedi, you will be confident that your online business website, store, application or blog is in competent hands!

Best Offshore Hosting
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Affordable Pricing

We at OffshoreDedi know that affordability is important when choosing a hosting service. This is why we provide a variety of features to ensure the highest quality service.

Dmca ignore Shared hosting

We at OffshoreDedi provide 24/7 hosting and technical support. With our knowledgeable and expert staff, you can rest assured that all your needs will be met promptly and effectively. That is what makes our offshore hosting services unique!

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High Grade Hardware

Our servers are equipped with the latest high-grade hardware to ensure optimal performance and superior quality. We use advanced encryption technologies and firewalls for protection from malware, viruses, and other malicious attacks. With OffshoreDedi, you can focus on growing your business, knowing that your data is always protected.

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Guaranteed Uptime

99.9% Guaranteed uptime is our pride. Our high-grade hardware and cutting-edge technology ensure 99.9% uptime and a low latency network. We have a proven record of providing 12500+ customers with reliable hosting solutions, and our customers are confident in our ability to keep data secure and accessible at all times.

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Reselling & Affiliate Program

Our program benefits businesses which are wishing to extend their hosting solutions, resellers looking to make passive income from selling hosting packages, and affiliates looking to earn commission can take benefits from our program. It offers world-class hosting with maximum profit potential and technical support.

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Anonymous Payments

OffshoreDedi guarantees the anonymity of your transactions, and your payments are secure with us. We offer a variety of payment ways, including credit cards, PayPal, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more. So, you can rest assured that your transactions will go through securely while your data is protected.

Offshore Hosting
Secure & Reliable

Our advanced security and cutting-edge technology, and 24/7 support keep your data safe and secure. With our bulletproof hosting, you do not need to worry that your website is going down with increased traffic or even DMCA complaints; we offer 100% DMCA ignored hosting.

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Setup Time

With our fast setup times, you can have your server running in no time at all, meaning that you won't have to wait to get started. Additionally, our team of professionals is on hand to provide any support and maintenance you need so that you have a reliable and stress-free experience.

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Anonymous Web Hosting Solution

We at OffshoreDedi offer an Anonymous Web Hosting Solution so that you can focus on growing your business without compromising data safety.

For a bulletproof hosting experience, we utilize advanced encryption and security measures that include anonymous domain registration, masked IP addresses, and secure data centers located in offshore locations.

In addition to privacy and security, our anonymous hosting solution offers reliable and high-performance hosting services. With fast page loading speeds, 24/7 technical support, and a range of hosting packages to choose from, you can trust that your website will always be up and running smoothly.


What People Say

We offer a wide range of hosting solutions, from web hosting to dedicated servers. Everything you need is right here.

Been working with them for almost a year now, there VPS servers are really reliable with 99% uptime. Really satisfied with there services. Would be recommended from my side.

George Payne

Was searcing a trustable hosting provider on hostadvice last month, came accross this website and it turned out to be a really good one. The support team helped me in setting up the site as well! Highly Recommended!

Mark Thomson
I switched to offshorededi from another provided and I am very glad I did. I always get quick responses from customer service, who are helpful and knowledgeable. Their interface is user friendly. I highly recommend offshorededi.
Christian Adler

There’s not many real offshore hosting companies left around but I’m happy to say offshorededi is one of the rare ones that are still operating offshore. They are the best option for DMCA content.

Matthias Weiss
Knowledge Base

Still Have Questions?

Offshore hosting refers to hosting your website or online content on servers located outside of your own country, which means that your website is stored on servers in another country.

Therefore, offshore service providers like OffershoreDedi offer many benefits, such as greater privacy, DMCA ignored domain, DMCA ignore hosting, reduced government regulation, and protection against censorship or legal action.

These service providers are able to provide services like offshore DMCA ignored hosting or offshore servers hosting because they operate in countries with lax internet rules and regulations. Even OffshoreDedi servers are spread across 5+ countries with 12500+ happy customers.

In short, offshore hosting DMCA ignored serves as bulletproof hosting for individuals or businesses looking to host their websites without fear of getting them taken down either because of DMCA complaints or hackers!

There are several reasons to host your website on offshore servers. Its increased privacy and security are major benefits. Offshore hosting stores your website’s files and data on servers outside your country, which adds an extra layer of protection.

DMCA ignored hosting is the biggest perk; offshore hosting ignore DMCA, which provides freedom of speech. Moreover, offshore servers can handle large traffic and improve website speed which certainly leads to better SEO ranking.

Being located in another country, offshore servers hosting and offshore web hosting provide feature-rich resources at a much lower cost as compared to local servers.

Offshore DMCA ignored hosting offers freedom from government rules and allows one to host more content in a safe and private setting. Offshore shared hosting is the most affordable and ideal for individuals or businesses seeking additional privacy, security, and hosting flexibility.

The answer to this most common question is YES; offshore hosting is legal. It is simply a hosting service that allows you to store your website’s files and data on servers located outside of your own country.

You can benefit from the privacy and freedom it offers because it works in countries with lax internet laws and regulations.

However, offshore hosting DMCA ignored does not exempt you from obeying the laws of the country in which the server is located. This is why it’s always recommended to work with a reliable offshore services provider like OffshoreDedi.

Who can assist you with the offshore hosting DMCA ignored legal concerns and guarantee you’re in compliance with the regulations. OffshoreDedi servers have been operating in more than 5 countries since 2009 with a long list of satisfied customers.

The benefits of offshore hosting are numerous. One of the main advantages is cost-effectiveness and the ability to enjoy DMCA ignored hosting.

This means that you can host content that may not be allowed in your home country, such as copyrighted material, at much cheaper rates than servers available in your own country.

Additionally, offshore servers are designed to handle high traffic volumes, ensuring better speed, performance, and protection of data from potential cyber threats.

With offshore DMCA ignored hosting, you can also benefit from reliable customer support that is available 24/7, a low latency network, lower rates, and increased bandwidth.

Absolutely! Because offshore servers are located in countries that prioritize data safety and privacy and ignore DMCA policies. Moreover, your data being stored in some other continent or country makes it difficult to be traced or located by prying eyes.

Moreover, offshore service providers like OffshoreDedi take data privacy as the major concern of the customer. We have implemented advanced security measures to protect your information from potential cyber-attacks or threats. These measures include firewalls, encryption protocols, regular security audits, anonymity and proactive monitoring.

In short, by using offshore hosting, you can focus on developing your website, blog or online business without being concerned about the safety of your data and DMCA takedowns.

Yes, you can host a wide variety of content with offshore DMCA ignored hosting. Offshore hosting ignore DMCA, which allows you to host content that may not be allowed in your home country.

It gives you the freedom to express yourself and host the content you want without restrictions. So, whether you have a niche website or want to run an online business that requires specific content, the best DMCA ignored hosting offers the flexibility you need.

Furthermore, offshore hosting providers offer top-notch privacy protection for their clients by safeguarding their sensitive information and data from being accessed by third-party organizations.

With Offshore streaming server, website owners concerned about censorship or data privacy can use this level of privacy protection and the ability to stream any content independent of local law.

You can easily choose the right offshore service provider with these most important factors to consider. First of all, look for a provider that specializes in offshore servers hosting and offshore web hosting and has been in business for more than a decade.

Consider the customer reviews and numbers and their reputation for privacy and security. Check the features they offer, like DMCA ignored hosting, anonymous hosting, Offshore VPS hosting, advanced security measures and other perks.

It’s also important to consider their customer support and make sure they have reliable and easy-to-reach 24/7 help in case you have any technical problems at any point in time.

In the end, compare pricing plans and choose the one that fits your needs and budget. 

With anonymous hosting at OffershoreDedi, you do not need to worry about your data backup and recovery.

Because we have implemented robust backup systems that ensure your data is regularly backed up and can be easily recovered in case of any unexpected events.
We at OffshoreDedi perform scheduled backups of your data and store them in secure offshore located data centers.

So that if any data loss or corruption happens, there are processes in place to restore your website quickly and efficiently. Plus, to ensure the safety and smooth operation of your website.

Rest assured that with OffshoreDedi, your data backup and recovery are taken care of, allowing you to focus on your website without worrying about losing valuable information or any kind of data breach.

Yes! You can definitely count on getting technical support. The offshore services providers understand that technical issues can arise, and they are committed to helping you resolve them.

Whether you have questions, need assistance with setup, or encounter any issues along the way, you can rely on the technical support team of your hosting company via support ticket, email, live chat support, etc.

The best part is that at OffshoreDedi, 24/7 technical support comes complimentary in all hosting plans, so you don’t have to worry about any additional costs; you can get your problem or query resolved in no time with us.

We are here to ensure that your offshore hosting experience goes smoothly and hassle-free.

Not at all! Best offshore hosting providers understand that not everyone has the technical expertise, and we at OffshoreDedi strive to make the process as user-friendly as possible.

We have designed easy-to-use control panels, one-click installation options, and website builders that require no coding knowledge making it simple to set up and manage your website.

Additionally, our technical support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any technical issues or questions you may have.

So, even if you’re a beginner or don’t have any technical knowledge at all, you can still enjoy the benefits of offshore hosting without any hassle with us.