Offshore VPS Hosting Complete Guide 2019

offshore-vps-hosting guide

Offshore VPS Hosting Complete Guide 2019

Offshore VPS hosting poses to be a combination of the cost-effectiveness such as shared hosting, but having the privacy, security and control of the dedicated server.

A VPS is one physical server which is divided into numerous virtual servers which offer a guaranteed RAM & CPU.

With offshore hosting your applications and websites are accommodated in data centres located in another country as where you are operating your business.

Commonly these data centres are located in countries where the laws and rules associated to data are not so stern.

You can observe offshore VPS hosting to be in actual fact nearer to the customers and audience you are targeting, by the use of a hosting service in such an area.

The fundamental reason for this is to guarantee that you can use your VPS server, setting up your website for providing a service which could be illegitimate in your country of origin.


Examples are adult content, remote gambling and warez hosting to mention some.

VPS is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Server, which is a hosting service model that combines the characteristics of the two remarkable web hosting structures i.e. dedicated & shared server.

Offshore VPS provides you with the privacy which your business is demanding and for enhanced speed are built with Sold Stage Drive (SSD) which has started to replace Hard Disk Drives (HDD).

Furthermore, your VPS set-up can be installed within minutes allowing you to begin to work on your server immediately.

You are admitted to gain access to your VPS’s root which allows you customisation in any way you may need.

Your VPS servers will be monitored 24/7 within the data centre, to ensure that no issues will occur which could obstruct the performance of your website, whilst you are having the choice of the operating system.

VPS hosting is seen as a web hosting model which is affordable meeting the demands of end-users and the ever rising in the market.

However, it is managed in a secure environment which delivers greater flexibility, whilst focusing on your applications and critical data’s privacy at an affordable price.

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