cPanel & WHM Installation on CentOS 7.x 64 bit [Complete Guide]

cPanel WHM Installation

cPanel & WHM Installation on CentOS 7.x 64 bit [Complete Guide]

cPanel / WHM Install on CentOS 7.x

cPanel & WHM Installation on CentOS 7.x 64 bit

cPanel / WHM is one of the most used Management panel for Linux servers. Most of the website owners who don’t want to learn extensive Linux skills for just running their sites move to cPanel as it is easy to use with better graphical user interface. cPanel installation is not that much a difficult task but still there need to go through few commands over SSH to get WHM installed on your server.

What is difference between cPanel & WHM ?

cPanel / WHM , both words are used in common but very few people know the difference. I want to make things clear to you before moving towards installation of the cPanel / WHM panel. cPanel is the panel which is used to administer specific website and WHM is the main admin panel which allow you to tweak your server settings. It allow you to add new sites as well as suspend and terminate existing domains. Beginner should take extreme caution while using WHM panel.

WHM login is always at port 2087 and cPanel is accessed at port 2083. You can access cPanel and WHM via IP as well as hostname of the server which is properly configured by your hosting provider.

Installation Prerequisites: 

1- Minumum 1GB of RAM

2- Minimum 1 Core of CPU

3- CentOS Installed on the server ( Ubuntu , Debian and other Linux flavours are not supported)

4- Clean server without any previous installations.

5- Proper hostname set on the server.

Installation Procedure: 

CentOS 7 is having NetworkManager already installed on your server. So first of all we need to remove NetworkManager for cPane/WHM installation.

[root@server ~]# yum remove NetworkManager -y

After completion of this step , we will install wget to download installation file of cPanel / WHM.

[root@server ~]# yum install wget -y

Now after installation of this package, download cPanel installation file.

[root@server ~]# wget

File download will get completed after this step.

[root@server ~]# sh latest

This is the final command which start installation of the cPanel / WHM. It will take 1 to 2 hours for cPanel installation for get completed. If you want to run all this in the background. Please use the ‘&’ at the end of last command . After process get started in the background you can check process from the log file available in /var/log folder.

Please do drop us an email at if you are having any question or queries regarding server installation. OffshoreDedi provides free cPanel/WHM installation service.

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