OffshoreDediTM a leading hosting provider of offshore commercial, industrial and residential servers.
OffshoreDedi is leading offshore hosting provider. Our products range from Shared Hosting to 10Gbps Dedicated Streaming Servers. We ignore almost all sort of DMCA complaints. We are working with hundreds of clients with 100% satisfaction. We guarantee 99.99% uptime and awesome network for your hosting needs.
all construction sites open for visitors, with 24/7 video surveillance being conducted at all objects
We have a team of specialists capable of maximizing the result and delivering the projects
you can be 100% sure that it will be delivered right on time, within the set budget limits
All aspects of the operations being transparent and clear for clients and partners
DMCA Ignore

We are providing Offshore Hosting solution for your DMCA Ignore projects

24/7 Support

Our team is available 24/7 to provide full support for server and cms related issues.

Free Migration

We can manage migration of your sites totally for free. Our dedicated team will move data to avoid any issues.

Anonymous Hosting

Your information is save with us. We don't need any legal documents for your identity verification.

Top Notch Hardware

Our servers are all from top notch companies. We mostly use new hardware for the client servers to avoid downtime due to hardware related issues.

We’re all about helping you reach your next lorem ipsum dolor sit.
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DMCA Ignored